intermodal shipping

When you choose Elite Logix Inc, you get to enjoy the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and reliability that comes with working alongside a reputable transport and logistics company.

In addition to convenience, you can benefit from our strategic intermodal services with a properly defined network across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Fast & Reliable

Our cross-dock warehouse services ensures that we are transferring your products from one form of transport, to another with zero downtime.

Safe & Secure

We take good care of your products, from the moment they enter our warehouse, to the moment they arrive to their final destination, our team ensures that your products are being transported safely.

Domestic USA

Our domestic intermodal services are available across the United States. Our intermodal shipping services provide you with cost-effective solutions by combining the best of rail and road transportation. Our drayage services ensure that the transition from road to rail transportation is seamless.

We have properly defined and thoroughly managed railway networks across the United States and Canada, where we also maintain excellent working relationships with various contacts for more efficient and successful operations.

Cross-Border Intermodal Services

Our services are available to a range of industries. Our reputation and safety rating as a low-risk transportation company for the US and Canada for inbound and outbound shipments gives us the ability to move through customs and inspections between the two countries efficiently.

Therefore, reducing your transport time and on-time deliveries with no extra costs or delays.

For overseas shipments, we use a network of major ports in the US to export your shipments. Our vast network of partners and various ocean liners help us to gain quick access to the available space to have your shipment on its way.

We are an Asset Based 3PL Provider

By appointing Elite Logix Inc, an asset based 3PL provider, you are ensuring that you are working with an organization that can take care of your logistical needs from A-Z, so you could better focus on your company’s practices.

We are well-equipped and train our staff to hold the highest standard of professionalism. Our large team of experts are properly trained to handle goods of varying nature, such as hazardous material, food and oversized shipments.

Whether your products require expedited drayage or certain permits and pilot cars to accompany your oversized shipments, Elite Logix Inc, has the expertise and experience to deliver your shipments, on time and safely.

Cross Dock Warehouse

  • With Elite Logic Inc’s cross dock warehouse, you are ensuring that your products are spending a minimal amount of time in storage. In turn, minimizing overhead warehouse cost.

  • In addition, our cross-docking warehouses across the United States, along with our LTL and FTL services optimizes your supply chain management.

  • The cross-dock warehouse allows us to quickly and efficiently transfer your products from a shipping container to one of our trucks, onto its final destination. With our LTL services, we can transport your products to numerous locations at once. In addition, our FTL service allows you to have your shipments delivered to one location at a reduced cost.

  • We make sure to preserve the integrity of your goods while it safely travels across the United States.

Get into contact with Elite Logix Inc, so that your goods can be transported safely and efficiently