freight forwarding

Elite Logix Inc, specializes in offering reliable, timely, and cost-effective over-the-road trucking services throughout the United States. We offer interstate expedited shipping, as well as expedited shipping from the US to Canada.

Hiring Elite Logix Inc, as your third-party logistics company, means hiring a company that goes above and beyond to ensure that your products are shipped correctly and in a timely manner. Our up-to-date technology, years of experience and extensive knowledge guarantees that your shipments are delivered on time.

Easy & Convenient

Our teams are here to assist you, year-round. Get into contact with us now for all of your interstate over-the-road trucking needs.

Safe and Reliable

We make sure that your shipments are delivered on time, and safely. Our years of experience and expertise allows us to adequately adapt to any circumstances.

Over The Road Shipments

  • Flatbed Shipments
    Our oversized shipping services provide you with an easy way to quickly, safely, and efficiently move your oversized loads across the U.S. We can transport oversized construction equipment, specialized machinery, steel and aerospace equipment. By appointing Elite Logix Inc, with your oversized shipments, you are ensuring that your product is transported with the correct permits.

  • Refrigerated Trucks (Reefers)

    Our reefers guarantee that your perishable goods are transported across the United States while complying to FDA regulations.

  • Multi-temp Reefers

    Our state-of-the-art multi-temp reefers allow us to transport different types of produce with their required temperatures all in one trailer.

  • Dry-Van Trailers

    Our dry van trailers are best used to transport non-perishable items, construction material, automobiles and small machinery.

We offer Full-Truck Loads to Less Than Truck Loads services!

What We Can Do

At Elite Logix Inc, we specialize in optimizing your supply chain management for imports and exports in the United States.

Our all-encompassing services include cross dock warehousing, transporting hazardous materials, temperature-controlled shipments, expedited transportation, as well as air and ocean transportation.

Contact Elite Logix Inc, for all your over the road shipments across the United States